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After Europe, the Bolhão project recognized as one of the most impressive in the world

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Miguel Nogueira

After recognizing the excellence of the project at the European level, the requalification and modernization of the Mercado do Bolhão (Bolhão Market) once again won the jury of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Known this Tuesday, the Global Awards of Excellence distinguished the "six most impressive projects in the world".

Since 1979, the Urban Land Institute has sought to recognize and reward excellence in land-use practices, in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Projects must be "substantially complete, financially feasible to have the operation stabilized". The program evaluates based on overall excellence, including components such as market acceptance, design, planning, technology, amenities, economic impact, management, community engagement, innovation, or sustainability.

By winning regionally, the Mercado do Bolhão automatically entered the valuation for global premiums. The projects were evaluated by a jury composed of experts in real estate and land use, in areas such as development, finance, planning, urban design, architecture and landscape architecture.

In addition to Bolhão, he recognized the Aurora Bridge Bioswales in the United States, the Canadian building Ironworks, the National University of Singapore, the affordable housing buildings Nightingale Village in Australia, and the school infrastructure "Scholen van Morgen" in Flanders, Belgium.

Recognizing the diversity of the 23 buildings in competition, the jury president underlined, “in addition to excellence in design, his contribution to the vitality and spirit of his community”.

Albert Chan considers that “each finalist demonstrated pioneering efforts in land use, which are worthy of imitation by other promoters, and the overall winners exhibited the highest degree of alignment with the award criteria, each in their own creative way”.

For the recognition of the ULI, concerns with sustainable development and the use of zero-emission technologies were also weighed. “I am happy that the ULI Global Awards for Excellence is playing a role in finding innovative ways to solve this global environmental issue”, says Albert Chan.