News Porto.

One of DDD’s essential performances takes to the stage at Theatre Campo Alegre

DDD continues celebrating the world of dance and, these days, there are essential performances such as SIRI, by Jorge Jácome & Marco da Silva Ferreira, on 30th April, at 7 pm, at the Theatre Campo Alegre.

Porto City Hall to strengthen rent support programme with over one million euros

Porto City Hall intends to strengthen the budget to the municipal programme Porto Solidary with 1.050 million euros, to be implemented in 2021, 2022 and 2023. This proposition will be presented during the Executive Meeting on 3rd May. This is a proposal by the municipal majority headed by Rui Moreira.

Municipal Executive votes to support travelling amusement sector that struggles amidst the pandemic

The Municipal Executive headed by Rui Moreira proposes to give a 200 thousand euros financial support to the entrepreneurs in the travelling amusement sector, which has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The proposal will be presented during the Municipal Executive Meeting, scheduled for 3rd May.

Porto and Guimarães host the online EEF on “people and planet for the green Transition”

Circa 200 policy makers from across Europe take part in a meeting of the Eurocities Environmental Forum that started yesterday and continues until Friday, 30th April. The meeting is jointly organised by the Municipalities of Porto and Guimarães and is held in an online format, owing to the current pandemic. The green transition amid the pandemic is the key issue on the table.

BEAST connects audiences and film in different venues in Porto

During confinement, BEAST International Film Festival took to the online platform to connect audiences and film, receiving as much as ten thousand views. With the easing of the restrictive measures, cinema lovers can experience in-person cinema screenings in different venues in the city, between 29th April and 3rd June.

Flea Market is back in Porto this May

Already in full spring mood, Porto hosts the Flea Market and offers the perfect opportunity to browse through a panoply of goods and items such as non-usual clothing, crafts and antiques. The Flea Market is back on 8th May, at the Praça da República, between 2 pm and 7 pm, as announced by the organization.

Porto City Hall marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Porto City Hall marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work, today, 28th April and takes the opportunity to reinforce the individual action each municipal worker has to take regarding the pandemic preventive measures.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Miguel Araújo are the ambassadors of the Porto. card

This is definitely a worthwhile card. Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Miguel Araújo are the ambassadors of the Porto. card and were welcomed at Porto City Hall yesterday to receive the card from Mayor Rui Moreira. The TV presenter and the musician add to the circa 7 thousand people who have a Porto. card and can now enjoy the city with significant discounts.

British LineTen chooses Porto to set up its Iberian centre

LineTen, a British founded software and e-commerce company chose UPTEC- Science and Technology Park at the University of Porto to set up a centre in Portugal. This investment in the city of Porto by the Fundo de Coinvestimento 200M is held in the framework of LineTen’ strategy to consolidate its business in the Iberian Peninsula.

ping! Programme features conference with Michael Marder on 29th April

The start of the ping! – Incursion Programme to the Gallery happens on Thursday, 29th April, at 7 pm, during a conference with Michael Marder at the auditorium of Almeida Garrett municipal Library.