Porto City Hall to strengthen rent support programme with over one million euros

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Filipa Brito

Porto City Hall intends to strengthen the budget to the municipal programme Porto Solidário with 1.050 million euros, to be implemented in 2021, 2022 and 2023. This proposition will be presented during the Executive Meeting on 3rd May. This is a proposal by the municipal majority headed by Rui Moreira.

This programme is targeted at granting economic support to economic vulnerable households regarding house rent or purchase. This economic relief can go up to 350 euros per month. Besides the extended deadline to support rent and mortgage costs to 24 months, the programme also features a 25% reduction of the household effort rate as well as the possibility of beneficiaries applying again if the deadline is about to conclude, and the support is granted from the application date.

This 9th edition of Porto Solidário municipal programme received 747 applications between 19th January and 15th February. Thus far, 319 applications have been approved, of which 289 have already been granted support for a period of 24 months, worth 198.70 euros per application, on average. The analysis process is ongoing.

Domus Social manages the Porto Solidário – Social Emergency Municipal Fund programme. Thus, the support payments will be processed by this municipal company, starting April 2021.

This Social Emergency Fund by the Municipality of Porto has already supported over 3.550 households, in a total investment of 8.595 million euros.