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Find new ways to celebrate São João amid the pandemic

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The 24th June is the day to honour São João, the patron saint of Porto. This year, amid a pandemic, don't take the party to the streets, avoid crowds and find new meanings for the word celebration. 

The usual parades, crowds and parties have to be scheduled for 2021. Still, everyone can have their own celebration; to brighten moods all night long, Rádio Festival ensures a special broadcasting that will go from the early morning of the 23rd June till the first light of day of the 24th June. The broadcast kicks-off at 8am and will be playing for 18 hours straight.

The programming features renowned artists from the Portuguese music scene. In addition to an all Portuguese music programme, there will be interviews that were previously recorded and live participation of listeners.

The broadcasting is available in the reception antenna position 94.8, but also on the Facebook page of Rádio Festival, which will be streamed live. This initiative is promoted by the Municipal Company Ágora - Culture and Sports, jointly with Rádio Festival.

It is worth enhancing that Porto City Hall cancelled all official celebrations, namely concerts, parades and the traditional firework on Luiz I Bridge.

Porto City Hall, Vila Nova de Gaia City Hall and Police forces PSP, Municipal Police, CP, Metro do Porto and STCP, joined efforts to monitor the compliance with these rules, namely the travel prohibition both to pedestrians and car traffic on Luiz I Bridge (except Emergency vehicles), on both decks of the bridge.

There will be no special transport operations on 23rd June and Metro do Porto, CP and STCP have reduced transit lines this evening and during the night timetable.

Convenience stores will close earlier than usual, also, and the Bridge Luís I will be interdicted, both for pedestrians and for car traffic, starting at 8pm.

It is important that the celebrations of São João do not jeopardize the positive results in both the city and the region in the tackling of the ongoing pandemic.

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together! Don't take São João to the streets, celebrate at home!