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Recommendations to access the Garden of Passeio das Virtudes during the contingency situation

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Access to the Garden of Passeio das Virtudes is conditioned as long as the contingency situation is in effect, to discourage people from gathering in that public site, amid the ongoing pandemic. 

Porto City Hall put in place temporary railings in that garden, and placed posters with information regarding sanitary recommendations that visitors must comply with: the use of face masks or visor, whenever necessary; hand sanitation with appropriate alcohol gel; social distancing of two metres; compliance with respiratory etiquette measures; avoidance of long stand-by periods and gathering in large groups.

Thus, the Garden of the Passeio das Virtudes will open from 8am till 8pm. Social gatherings are limited to 10 people and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the public space is expressly forbidden.

Measures of the contingency situation

The contingency situation is in effect in the national territory as of 15th September, with new measures in place to help prevent outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social gatherings are limited to 10 people, except persons who belong to the same household, both in the public space and in business premises.

Commercial establishments can only open doors after 10 o'clock; there are, however, some exceptions as pastries, cafés, hairdressers and gymnasiums. Closing hours, in the case of Porto, is authorized till 11pm, by order of the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira.

Restaurants are allowed to stay open till 1am, and can serve meals to customers that enter the facilities up to midnight.

With schools reopening, restaurants, cafés and pastries within 300 metres of schools can only allow gatherings of four people per group, except persons in a family nucleus. Restaurants within shopping centres must comply with this measure, as well.

The sale and serving of alcoholic beverages in gas stations is also prohibited. Retail businesses, including supermarkets and department stores are also prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages after 8pm.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is still forbidden in the public space, and now it is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages outside restaurants, which can only serve alcoholic beverages after 8pm during meals.

Porto and Lisbon Metropolitan areas, in particular, have established work schedules that combine remote working and working at the workplace, and the requirement to establish staggered timetabling, which also applies to meal and break times.

In the beginning of September, the Mayor of Porto had proposed the strengthening of bus lines and timetables in the Executive meeting by the operator, the STCP, as there are maximum occupancy numbers to abide to.