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Porto heads technological project to fight Covid-19

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The Municipality of Porto, via Porto Digital, leads the Data4Covid19 project, whose goal is to integrate multiple source data. 

This resource will enable to implement and monitor, in an integrated way, the measures to fight Covid-19 by combining resources from several companies and research centres, as tools towards decision-making processes, especially regarding health, prevention measures and the rapid establishment of a prognosis.

This project is carried out in collaboration with Porto City Hall and the Northern Regional Health Administration (ARSN), which is in charge of public health.

The Municipality of Porto thus ensure a more effective response to the health crisis and the various challenges that resulted from the ongoing pandemic in critical areas such as safety and civil protection, mobility, food supply chains, waste management and collection, social support and others.

This platform will gather data from several entities, namely Metro do Porto, the Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos de Porto (STCP), the telecommunications operator NOS, the Transportes Intermodais do Porto and Porto Digital, as well.

This project also relies on the participation of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, of NOVA Information Management School, of the Data Science School od the University Nova of Lisbon, and two private partners, NOS and TekPrivacy, a spin-off of the University of Porto, expert in the field of data protection. Also included in the project is the network OASC - Open & Agile Smart Cities.

The Data4Covid19 project is supported by the National Agency for Innovation, the European Union, through the Regional Development European Fund, the Northern Regional Operational Programme [Norte 2020] and the Regional Operational Programme of Lisbon [POR Lisboa 2020].