Time Out magazine selects the five best places to visit in the city in 2024

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Guilherme Costa Oliveira

Time Out's travel editor, British Ella Doyle, travels in search of the best places to visit in the cities most sought after by tourists. This time she came to Porto and made a video in which she selects the five best places to go for a walk in Invicta. The advantage is that, according to her, the route bypasses the usual endless queues of visitors.

For Time Out, the ideal tourist route can start at the Soares dos Reis National Museum. As the magazine points out, the museum, founded in 1833 by King Pedro IV, is known for housing collections of art and sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries, making it a place with plenty to discover.

The journalist, who fell in love with the gardens that surround the building, recalls that this is the first public art museum in the country and leaves a tip for anyone who wants to visit: on the first Sunday of each month, entry is free for citizens residing in Portugal.

The suggested route also has the Parque de S. Roque as a point of interest. For Ella Doyle, 'relaxation isn't complete without a walk through a beautiful park' and in this one, located in the Campanhã area, you can find 'fountains, bridges and even a labyrinth garden'.

Parque de S. Roque, which was acquired from the Calém family by the Porto City Council in 1979, and extended in 2022, is suggested by Time Out's editor as 'the perfect place for a picnic overlooking Porto'.

As you can see in the video, the route to discover Invicta must include a stop at Casa da Música. Visiting one of the city's largest concert halls, the editor emphasises that visitors can find here shows of all genres, from classical to electronic music.

Ella Doyle emphasises that Casa da Música, located at Avenida da Boavista, has already hosted concerts by major world artists such as Steve Aoki, Lou Reed and Bobby McFerrin. With summer approaching, the journalist says there will be many free shows.

The 'funniest' place in the city

For tourists who want to experience the true northern living, Time Out recommends a trip to Ribeira. In the online section 'Best Things to Do', the travel editor classifies the place on the banks of the Douro River as 'the richest place in Porto', especially when it comes to eating and drinking options.

'I recommend you eat sardines in one of the restaurants and drink a Port and Tonic in one of the bars', the journalist says in the video, in which she also describes Ribeira do Porto as "the funniest place' in the city, as it is characterised by its narrow streets 'full of shops' and old houses.

The itinerary guided by the magazine ends at the Time Out Market, recently inaugurated next to S. Bento Station. Designed by architect Eduardo Souto Moura, the market gives its visitors the opportunity 'to try all the city's foods in one place'.

The new space in the Invicta, which opened its doors on 3 May, also has a 21-metre tower with a restaurant at the top, allowing you to see the city from another perspective.