The Municipality of Porto will help distressed local traders during Xmas business

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, announced on 30th November that the Municipality is preparing measures to support local traders in the Christmas business. Owing to the new coronavirus pandemic, local retailers are threatened by the sharp drop in sales. Also, this year the Municipality decided that no giant Xmas tree swill stand out in Avenida dos Aliados, and instead the amount will be destined to support the package of measures to help local retailers.

Porto is home to economic dynamism and start-up culture

Founders Founders, a co-working space in the city of Porto that helps boost start-ups is to expand in Porto and will inaugurate a new space in the parish of Campanhã, in eastern Porto. The new Founders Founders’ space, close by Campanhã Station, will have 4 thousand square metres, it will accommodate circa 300 people, from 12 startups. It is scheduled to open in the beginning of 2021.

Porto is the best municipal government regarding effective cash management in 2019

Porto City Hall got maximum score as regards financial effectiveness and efficiency at national level, according to the Financial Yearbook of Portuguese Municipalities. Also in recent years, as evidenced by previous dossiers, Porto is spotlighted, again, in the annual summary that discloses the management and performance by all the Municipalities in the country. There are 308, in total.

City Café webinar on Organizational Innovation: How to make the impossible possible?

The 15th edition of the City Café promotes a webinar on “Organizational Innovation: How to make the impossible possible?”, on 27th November, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Participation is free.

Fashion students fight textile waste in Porto by quickening a solidarity project

The Escola de Moda do Porto (EMP) (Fashion School in Porto) is boosting the fight against clothing and textile waste by creating unique garments made of textile fabrics that would otherwise add to the waste by the fashion industry.

Speed Recruitment 2020 will occur online in real time, on 25th November

The 13th edition of the Speed Recruitment event is held exclusively online, this year, on 25th November, at 9am, due to the Covid-19 contingency plan. Participants will be able to visit the virtual stands of all the companies that are associated with the event, get feedback regarding recruitment needs and existing job opportunities. Participation is free but prior registration is mandatory. Apply at

The Municipality of Porto launches business support line “Revitaliza Porto.”

Starting this Friday, economic operators in town can count on the specialised service of the support line “Revitaliza Porto”. This is a free support service launched by the Municipality of Porto, via InvestPorto, whose goal is to support the business community in the city of Porto in the response to the pandemic crisis.

Porto is spotlighted as number one Best of the World 2021 (and beyond) cultural experience destination

National Geographic Traveller UK states that “whether you’re interested in the arts, culinary culture or history, 2021 brings a host of new museums, festivals and anniversaries to mark”, and Porto is the number one choice in the eight shortlisted places.

Bolhão Market new vendor space applications conclude tomorrow

Tomorrow, 20th November, is the deadline of the "Abanca-te no Bolhão" campaign, [“Trading at Bolhão” (free translation)] as regards the application period to hold a vendor place at the restored and renovated Bolhão Market. There are 42 new stalls, 6 restaurants and 12 stores. The application is available at the digital platform for public tenders (concursos/compras públicos(as)) AcinGov (, which provides all the necessary information. Applications must be submitted until 11.59pm.

Porto City Hall wants to exempt economic activities from paying municipal charges until the end of 2021

The Municipal Executive led by Rui Moreira will include in the 2021 Municipal Budget an extension of the support measures to economic operators in town till the end of 2021. The measure represents a budget impact of over 315 thousand euros.