The Porto that rethinks itself goes to the QSP Summit to meet international management and marketing leaders

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The QSP Summit brought the challenge of 'Rethinking Organizations', and Porto once again answered the call with its maximum adaptability on the journey to an increasingly sustainable city. The 17th edition of the marketing and management conference, which brought together more than 100 exhibitors, 3,500 participants and a hundred internationally renowned speakers at Exponor, demonstrated the strategy for attracting attention and investment in various areas, from the economy to tourism, from entrepreneurship to talent.

'One thing is clear: the QSP Summit is 17 years old. We're talking about a gigantic event with very different projects, and world-class thinkers. Porto has to be there. Full stop.' These are the words of the Councillor for the Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

At the stand where the Municipality promotes attraction and development tools and strategies, such as TERA, Scale Up or Porto Leading Investors, Ricardo Valente states that Porto is a city 'that seeks to adapt itself' and thus promote innovation.


'The city is an ecosystem of organisations; it needs this plasticity, this adaptability, to be able to leverage, promote or at least not restrict its ecosystem's capacity to innovate', he stresses.

For Ricardo Valente, the QSP Summit is 'a meeting place' for networking, since 'the event's audience are leaders, decision makers, and therefore an audience that already has a great deal of information about the city'.

'We're not here to lecture anyone about what Porto is, people already know it', the Councillor believes, highlighting the commitment to bring other themes to the conference, such as sustainability, 'our ultimate goal, the sustainable city in its generic aspect'.

Ricardo Valente refers to Porto as a 'functional city in which the economy and tourism match and build together'. That's why VisitPorto is also at the QSP Summit and, because it's adaptability that the conference talks about, the new blocks strategy that the Municipality is developing to disperse tourist flows throughout the city.


'We're going to use this motto of rethinking organisations because what we're doing is rethinking the city', the Councillor for Tourism says. Catarina Santos Cunha underlines that 'the economic impact is absolutely fundamental, but we have to do it in a balanced manner, so that such economic development reaches the entire territory'.

The Councillor believes that 'every time these events take place, every time we bring foreigners to the city, and to events of this scale, we manage to show the city that is worth visiting, the city that is worth investing in, studying in'.

And, of course, 'there's always an increase in business, an increase in communication sharing, there are always new things coming up, people coming to invest, and that's truly fundamental'. There's a city that is rethinking itself.

The QSP Summit ends this Thursday, after welcoming names such as Linda Hill (Harvard Business School professor), Ravin Jesuthasan (Mercer), Scott Morrison (The Boom!), Rohit Bhargava (Non-Obvious Company), Christina Stathopoulos (Dare To Data), Costas Markides (London Business School) and Kindra Hall (author and communications expert) to Exponor's stage.

The opening ceremony took place, as usual, at Teatro Rivoli.