The tech community meets at Porto Tech Hub

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Alfândega do Porto hosted, last Friday, the Porto Tech Hub. Dozens of companies and more than a thousand professionals in the sector gathered, throughout the day, for a moment of knowledge sharing about the main trends and technological innovations of the present and the future.

In pursuit of its goal of promoting and developing Porto as a global technology hub – the sector has already created more than 22,000 skilled jobs in the city – Porto Tech Hub aims to be a transformative event, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and technology enthusiasts for a meaningful exchange of ideas and opportunities.

The event was attended by different speakers, such as Patrycja Wegrzynowicz, from Yon Labs and recently considered one of the Top 10 Women in Tech in Poland, Josh Long, from Pivotal, Stephen Chin, from JFrog, Mete Atamel, from Google, or Nicolai Parlog, from Oracle.

City well positioned in the European context

The Councillor for the Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente, was at the opening session, emphasizing the importance and role of technology in the growth and development of the city. The 22,000 new qualified jobs since 2015 coincide with the creation, by the municipality, of InvestPorto.

"The city of Porto is today recognized as an important technological centre in the European context. The ability to attract companies, directly or indirectly, and to grow those that are already here is unquestionable", said the Councillor for the Economy.

Programming, cloud and infrastructure, cybersecurity, modern web, and artificial intelligence were the themes that mark the eighth edition of Porto Tech Hub. The initiative included 40 lectures and 20 workshops.

Included in the conference schedule was Porto Tech – Get Together, which took place this Thursday night at the M.Ou.Co Hotel, which was also attended by the Councillor for the Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship. This is an initiative that promotes the spirit of collaboration between the actors of the technological ecosystem.

In addition to the natural conviviality, a round table was held, under the theme "Porto and the different sides of the future – from education to entrepreneurship", with the participation of researcher Gilberto Bernardes, from INESC TEC, Inês Santos Silva, founder of Portuguese Women in Tech, Paula Gomes da Costa, manager of Körber digital, and the head of Marketing and Growth at Infraspeak, Rui Santos Couto.

Supported by the Municipality of Porto, through the Open Call program, Porto Tech Hub has already counted, in all these editions, with the participation of about five thousand people and more than 80 speakers from world-renowned companies, such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, RedHat or Netflix.