Spanish series tops Netflix charts and features an episode set in Porto

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Ana (Clara Lago) and Daniel (Tamar Novas) are the lead actors of a Spanish series that is making a splash on Netflix. Premiering on 21 June, 'Clãs da Galiza' soared to the top spot on the streaming service in Portugal during its first week, and is currently second worldwide. The first season of the series, now available, comprises seven episodes, one of which was filmed in Porto.

The two lead actors - actress Clara Lago and actor Tamar Novas - were in the city at the end of August last year to film scenes for one of the episodes of 'Clãs da Galiza'. Ana and Daniel take a business trip to Porto. They chat in the middle of Avenida dos Aliados, cross Ponte do Infante and end up having dinner at Cais de Gaia.

'More than 50 people were involved in this shoots', a source from 'Agente a Norte', a Porto-based production company that provided full support to the Spanish team led by the series' director, Roger Gual, reveals.

Indian Production Also Filmed in the City

Interestingly, also in August last year, an Indian production company (XB Film Creators, together with All Around the Globe, which is headquartered in Portugal) was in the city filming 'Jailed'. With logistical support from Filmaporto - film commision, the Bollywood industry’s filming represented an estimated investment of around 200,000 euros.

Returning to 'Clãs da Galiza', the series brings together Ana, a lawyer, and Daniel, a drug dealer. 'Her presence doesn't go unnoticed by anyone, including Daniel, the son of an prominent drug dealer who has taken the helm of the Padín clan's business while his father is in jail', the streaming service summarises.

The plot of the series unfolds mainly in the Northwest of Spain. In addition to Clara Lago and Tamar Novas, the first season features actors Nuno Gallego, Francesc Garrido, Maria Pujalte, Diogo Anido, Melania Cruz, and Miguel de Lira. 'Clãs da Galiza' was directed by Roger Gual and written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria.