Exhibition by Alfredo Cunha portrays a vibrant Porto in Freedom on the Square

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While a part of what will be the future of Praça da Liberdade is built, the city exposes itself as the usual Porto:” alive, vibrant and unforgettable”. “The Subway gives you Freedom” is the set of photographs by Alfredo Cunha that decorate the more than 700 square meters of siding that enclose the construction work of Estação S. Bento/Liberdade for the new subway pink line

In all, 12 unpublished images by one of the most respected and awarded Portuguese photographers are on display, in what is considered to be the city’s “visiting room”.

Taking into consideration that the “expansion works of the underground network occupy and, necessarily, condition the full and usual use of the public space of Praça da Liberdade and part of Avenida dos Aliados”, Metro do Porto decided to transform “this limitation into an opportunity for cultural and touristic promotion, sharing with citizens and visitors the exhibition of some of the most impressive photographs of Porto”.

The photographs, which this year will be part of the book “Porto Cidade das Pontes”, with texts by David Pontes, assistant director of the newspaper Público, highlights Metro do Porto, “have the particularity of being shown in colour, which is a novelty and a new perspective, since the author usually favours black and white”.

Alfredo Cunha is Known for having taken some of the most historic and striking images of the 25th of April 1974. He worked for the main national newspapers and was the official photographer of the Presidents of the Republic Ramalho Eanes and Mário Soares, besides having witnessed, through his lens, some of the most relevant world events of the last decades.