Bus timetables and routes in real time on the new screens at bus stops

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Knowing the routes travelled by Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos do Porto (STCP) buses, as well as the timetables in real time, is now possible at at least eight bus stops throughout the city. All thanks to a new information system implemented by Porto Digital.

In practice, the pilot project provides a low-power technology screen at bus stops, e-paper-like, with information on waiting and passing times of STCP buses, complemented by a map corresponding to the route of each line and audio messages.

The aim is to explore new ways of providing access to quality and reliable information about the service provided by STCP, reconciling concepts of sustainability, inclusion and accessibility.

In order to guarantee the involvement of citizens and visitors, the implementation of the service will be accompanied by a participatory process, which includes interviews at the installation sites, as well as online questionnaires.

Special attention will also be paid to accessibility issues. The information on the screens will be transposed into an audio system and field tests are planned with the support of ACAPO - the Portuguese Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted.

The pilot project is part of the development of new functionalities for the Explore.Porto service, which already provides this type of information at bus stops, via a QR code displayed on the structure itself, or directly via the address.

The new information system is currently being implemented at STCP bus stops in Praça D. João I (PRDJ), Praça Filipa de Lencastre (PRFL), Campanhã (CMP2), Boavista - Casa da Música (BCM1), Fluvial (FLU2), Sea Life Castelo do Queijo (CQ5), Hospital São João (Circ.). (HSJ9) and Universidade Católica (UC2).

This project is part of the RRP Accelerate & Transform Tourism, in order to improve your experience in the city of Porto.