The New York Times writes about the best and worst countries to travel to and Portugal is a top destination

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The Government of the United States of America has issued a ranking on the most and least dangerous countries for American citizen's to travel to.

Although there are many reasons that compel someone to visit a nation, like culture, gastronomy, and heritage, one of the prime reasons nowadays is probably safety.

The New York Times dedicates a large article to this very subject and has chosen the city of Porto to picture it.

The overview image of historic Porto, depicting the Sé Cathedral and Luiz I Bridge, conveys Portugal as a level 1 country (the safest), regarding the level of danger when visiting a nation worldwide.

The ranking is published by the newspaper and lists countries from all continents, marking this destinations from level 1 (the safest) to level 4 (most dangerous).

This directory was published this month and ranks how countries all around the globe are viewed by the American Administration, on account of terrorism threats, social instability, and health hazards.

Portugal is ranked as a safe destination to travel to.