National Theatre São João presents KastroKriola, by Caplan Neves

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KastroKriola, written by the Cabo Verdean playwright Caplan Neves, is the remake of the work “Castro”, short for “Tragédia muy sentida e Elegante de Dona Inês de Castro”, by António Ferreira, written in 1587. Caplan Neves presents the text in creole from Cabo Verde, and tries to unveil how a classical text will symbolically resonate in today’s Cabo Verde.

The tragedy of the feud is real and it is presented from the perspective of political parties’ in-house intrigues, in the framework of the democracies of our time. KastroKriola features the scandal of the homosexual partners Petra – a woman that has a promising future in the higher echelons of political power - and Kastro, who will “insendiá ese partid y ese paíj” (“rock the party and the country”, free translation].

The play will go on stage at the Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, in Porto, on 10, 11 and 12 June, at 7 pm. Entrance is free. For more information, dial: 800 108 675

KastroKriola concludes the artistic residency protocol between the Cabo Verdean artists and the teams of the National Theatre São João (TNSJ). The play is directed by Nuno Cardoso, in a close partnership with the artistic teams of TNSJ. The protocol was signed in September 2019 between the Ministry of Culture and the Creative Industries of Cabo Verde and the National Theatre São João.