Comic Con Portugal with many new features on the next edition

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Comic Con Portugal next Edition will take place from March 21 – 24, 2024 at Exponor however, some of the new features are already known. The event’s presentation took place in the auditorium of Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett with the presence of the councilwoman for Tourism and Internationalization, Catarina Santos Cunha.

Comic Con Portugal, an event that promotes the pop culture industry in our country, has the support of the cities of Porto, Matosinhos, and Vila Nova de Gaia. The synergy created between the brand and the three municipalities goes beyond the four days of the event taking place next March, resulting in other initiatives spread throughout the cities. The most recent action was the celebration of Batman Day, with the projection of the Batsignal at Casa da Música.

Among the new features for the next edition are an outdoor music stage, the creation of an additional pavilion for the entrance of the visitors, “Geek Market" and "Artists Alley" in the same pavilion, ten stages dedicated to all areas of the event and a B2B corporate meeting, and networking business lounge, a space dedicated to every brands and partners of the event.

Despite being the same venue as the previous editions, 2014 to 2017, the enclosure will be completely new, using all indoor and outdoor space, the entire 200 thousand square meters of Exponor. The main goal is to offer a new experience to everyone who will be present.