An early São João and lots of excitement at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

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Those who these days arrive at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport are greeted by a lot of excitement and offers typical of the biggest party in the city: São João. Until the 23rd, the Municipality of Porto has installed in the landing room a replica of a historic stand of Bolhão.

This activation of the destination's brand and reputation aims to reinforce the international affirmation of the Festa de São João, in addition to contributing to the positioning of Porto as the destination of choice and all its attributes that characterize it as a safe, inclusive, dynamic, hospitable city, of great patrimonial and cultural wealth – which earned it, among other distinctions, the award for Best City Destination in the World 2022 by the World Travel Awards.

"Taking advantage of this emblematic stand of the Bolhão Market – which has already been to Primavera Sound Porto – we want to show the most iconic party in the city, through its most characteristic symbols: hammers, balloons, basil", stressed the Councillor for Tourism and Internationalization, Catarina Santos Cunha, who, together with the director of the airport, Fernando Vieira, opened this Tuesday the Bolhão stand in the arrivals room.

While waiting for the suitcases, using a "lucky wheel", passengers can win gifts alluding to São João, such as bags, hammers, balloons or basil. At the same time, they are taken to the memories and stories of the Bolhão Market, whose recent requalification returned to the city one of the most genuine, emblematic, and visited buildings in Porto.

“We have another initiative, more disruptive, with passengers being surprised, when collecting their bags on the baggage carousel, with the offer of many hammers”, added Catarina Santos Cunha.

The flight had arrived a few minutes ago from Rennes (France). Spread across baggage carousel four, dozens of St. John's hammers. The passengers, a little surprised, started collecting their bags, adding to the luggage a few more hammers. The children may not have known what such an object was for, but they were pleased with the offer. Many passengers came on purpose, at this time of year, to accompany the São João do Porto.

"Passengers like it a lot"

For the director of the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, these types of initiatives make the space even more pleasant. “This airport is beautiful, with this type of initiative it is even more beautiful”, he told Porto. Fernando Vieira.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, which is living one of the best years of its already long history, and which was again recognized as one of the best in Europe, fosters this type of partnership. “We get more excitement. Passengers like it a lot because it is a different offer, in addition to what this space gives daily. We very much like these partnerships, in this specific case with the Municipality of Porto, that cheer up the airport”, added its director.

This is an "opportunity to positively impact visitors from relevant markets, transmitting to them a positioning of authenticity, differentiation and appreciation of material and intangible heritage upon arrival at the destination, principles that we defend in the Vision of Sustainability," said the Tourism Councillor.

This was the first of a set of brand activations, to be carried out by the Tourism and Internationalization department at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, to reinforce Porto's international positioning. The next dynamic interaction is scheduled for September 27, the date on which World Tourism Day is celebrated.