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Xmas window decoration contest 2020: applications are now open

Xmas is just around the corner and in spite of the unprecedented times we are living at global level, the “Montras de Natal” contest is here, as tradition, to showcase the best businesses in the city of Porto. The Xmas Window decoration contest is promoted by Porto City Hall, jointly with the Traders Association of Porto. This is now the 5th edition and applications are running till 30th November.

The U.Porto provides talent to the Ariel Space mission

The University of Porto (UP) is part of the European Space Agency mission Ariel, the first devoted to studying nature, the development and evolution of exoplanets, whose launch is Schedule to happen in 2029.

Porto launches second campaign to convey key messages regarding Covid-19 preventive measures

The Municipality of Porto strengthened the mupi campaign launched in October as regards communication the right behaviour and attitudes that each and every one can adopt in order to reach a collective impact on the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.

Check this out: there’s a new game in the hood

The new cultural intervention project “Breaking”, promoted by Porto City Hall, is changing the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Porto. The national TV Channel RTP1 reported what changed in the lives of these young boys and girls that are now complete fans of this modality.

São João National Theatre debuts second in-house production during the centenary of its main building

The year 2020 marks the Centenary of the National Theatre São João (TNSJ) main building and this is the second in-house production that is delivered to mark this occasion. The performance “O Balcão”, staged by Nuno Cardoso, artistic director of the TNSJ follows the “Castro” performance, which debuted last March. “O Balcão” took to the stage on 17th November and will be staged until the 21st November.

Soares dos Reis National Museum offers free entry this weekend mornings under strict safety guidelines

Take time during the weekend mornings to visit the Soares dos Reis National Museum, located in Porto, a cultural equipment under the tutelage of the DGPC. This Saturday and Sunday mornings, visits are exceptionally free of charge, between 10am and 1pm, under the significant alterations to operating hours, due to the State of Emergency.

Develop your learning about water with the online sessions of the Water Pavilion

Learn all about water! In a time when the population has to comply with stricter measures to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and there is a mandatory curfew, especially during the coming weekend, as regards Saturday and Sunday afternoon (as it happened last weekend), there are ways to still spend time with the closest ones. One of such educational and fun activities is to virtually visit the Water Pavilion.

New circus takes to the stage at Campo Alegre

New circus aka contemporary circus are back to the stages of Theatre Campo Alegre to present “Mostra Estufa”, an initiative by Erva Daninha, jointly with Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP), from Thursday to Friday, on 19 and 20 November, at 7.30pm. Tickets cost seven euros and grant access to the three shows. Tickets are available online or at the Ticket boot of the Municipal theatre, at Rivoli and at Campo Alegre.

Educational programmes by the Municipal Environment Team

The municipal team of Centro de Educação Ambiental da Quinta do Covelo (aka “Covelo Environmental education Centre) continues to offer weekly episodes on environmental issues, sharing the top tips on fauna and flora. The latest episode is themed “Ambiente Descomplicado” [“Uncomplicated Environment”, free translation] and it is available on the YouTube of “Porto.”.

Porto City Hall is shortlisted for Public Policies Prize as regards earlier screening of Covid-19 in nursing homes

Porto City Hall is among the five finalists of the IPPS-Iscte Public Policies Prize. This recognition is the result of the Municipal programme to early detection of Covid-19 in Residential Structures for Elderly People in the city of Porto, which provided screening and testing to all beneficiaries and care workers of retirement homes within the Municipality of Porto. The winners will be announced on 20th November, in an online ceremony.