Understage by TMP can be a true mood saviour: try Conferência Inferno on 19th February. It is free

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José Caldeira

The band from Porto, Conferência Inferno debut their first album – Ata Saturna – on 19th February, at 10 pm. The band takes to the Understage at Rivoli and the concert will be streamed live, on Facebook and at the Youtube TMP channel. Access is free.

The Understage is a music cycle that presents different bands every month. This time, Francisco Lima, Raúl Mendiratta and José Miguel Silva will rock the stage with influences by GNR, Pop Dell’Arte, Tuxedomoon or Suicide, but also bring sonority by other more recent bands in the city of Porto, namely the collective Favela Discos, festas da ÁCIDA or DJ Lynce.

The concert is jointly produced by Lovers & Lollypops, and the première is free, on 19th February, at 10 pm, on TMP Facebook and YouTube.

The concert will be made available at the TMP virtual room – BOL -, on 20th and 21st February.