TMP celebrates World Theatre Day with online programming

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Mário Campos Rainha

Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) marks World Theatre Day – celebrated on 27th March, with an online programming that kicks off today, at 7 pm. The plays “Paisagem” and “Passos em volta” take to the digital stage.

Theatres and concert halls are still closed, due to the pandemic; as such, World Theatre Day celebrations take to the digital platforms. The plays “Paisagem” and “Passos em volta” will be presented on the digital stage at 7 pm.

The play “Passos em volta”, based on the literary work by Herberto Hélder, of the Company João Garcia Miguel, invites to a journey of the self, the search for God and the path to transcendence. The show features actors João Lagarto and David Pereira Bastos, and it is available for free online, from 7 pm on 26th March to 28th March, on TMP Facebook and YouTube.

The play themed “Paisagem” is the second performance to be presented online. It features actors Paula Diogo and Tonan Quito and the collective Foguetes Maravilha, settled in Rio de Janeiro. The performance is based on two short plays by Harold Pinter and on the cycle “Sobre lembrar e esquecer”, initiated in 2018. The play is telling of the way memory operates our lives. The show is co-produced by Portugal and Brazil. Tickets cost 3.50 euros and the show is available at the Bol Live Streaming, starting at 9 pm on 26th March, until Sunday.

Teatro São João offers online activities for all audiences

Also, National Theatre São João (TNSJ) prepared a programme to celebrate World Theatre Day from home. Starting at 9 pm today, 26th March, the virtual stage of TNSJ presents the in-house production “À Espera de Godot” [Waiting for Godot], staged by Gábor Tompa, and “O Balcão”, by Jean Genet, staged by Nuno Cardoso, artistic director of São João National Theatre.

Both performances are available on demand until the 4th April and tickets cost 2 euros each. The performances remain available for screening until the third days after ticket purchase.

Saturday, at 7 pm, the programme continues with the “Oficinas de Páscoa” [“Easter Worksop”, free translation], aimed at younger audiences, and at 12 noon, the TNSJ social media features an interview with Frank Castorf, stage director and renowned theatre director of the Volksbühne Theatre in Berlin.

The afternoon offers the launch of the project “Bambolina!”, no less than a performance dictionary regarding the art of theatre. The first entries are available at RTP2, starting at 3.55 pm and rely on the participation by 12 actors.

The Centro Educativo also takes to the digital stage with “Once Upon a Time”, by Clube Theatre Sub-18, and the project “E se Gil Vicente passasse na Netflix?”. The streaming is provided via the Zoom platform, and requires previous registration.

Last, but not least, the National Theatre São João features the third volume of "Cadernos do Centenário", with the publication of the eBook "Teatro Visual: 100 Anos de Objetos Gráficos", by Francisco Laranjo.