The Telegraph recommends visiting Porto with all five senses

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The tasting of authentic Port wine leads to the touring of the city of Porto. The roadmap is presented by British Newspaper The Telegraph in its online edition, under the telling title "why Porto should be your next port of call".

"Fine food", "beautiful bookshops" and "low prices" are but some of the expressions used to describe the Invicta.

Porto is a must-go and must-see destination, full of tradition and innovation.

"there is much else to do and see here in the grey, granite streets of the city that gave its name to Portugal - a country, whose creative burst, post-recession, is changing the face of its landscape through a quiet re-emphasis on its home-grown charms. Brands such as Claus Porto are a perfect example".

The article goes on pinpointing the impressive venues and sites the noble city of Porto has to offer, namely the Clérigos Tower, the most famous stairs in the city in the neo-gothic bookshop Lello, which were the inspiration behind Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, so they say, the Casa da Musica, designed by Rem Koolhaas, and the Serralves Park - home to the Museum of Contemporary Art designed by architect Alvaro Siza - and the pink, art deco Casa de Serralves.

Porto is building up as one of the most enjoyable destinations in Europe, with a creative culture and tradition! Pack your bags and visit Porto!

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