The Municipality of Porto launches the Porto. card that is worth discounts in the city activities and facilities

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Starting on 5th April, the Municipality of Porto launches the Porto. card, directed to all tax residents in the city and also students that rent a home or bedroom in Porto. This card provides free access to all the facilities within the Museu da Cidade, a 50% discount in performances by Porto Municipal Theatre, access to municipal pools and other benefits, such as free of charge travel in the Funicular railway of Guindais.

This card will combine the already existing cards of the municipal libraries, which already provide free access to home loans, to Press Reader and to the Internet space; the card of the municipal pools that grant a 50% discount in swimming lessons; and also the municipal theatre card, which grants card holders a 50% discount in all shows by Porto Municipal Theatre, both at Teatro Rivoli and at Teatro do Campo Alegre.

“Starting on 5th April, all residents in Porto will be able to adhere to the online card, through the uploading of all the necessary documents”, informed the Vice-Mayor of Porto City Hall, Filipe Araújo, during the Municipal Executive Meeting held on 22nd March.

Free membership can accordingly be made in-person, at the Townsman Office (Gabinete do Munícipe), at Porto municipal libraries, at Porto Municipal Theatre - Rivoli and at the municipal pools.

“This positive discrimination measures in favour of Porto residents and follows the principle already in place in many Italian municipalities. Without lowering prices, we are granting advantages to Porto residents”, affirmed Mayor Rui Moreira, furthering that “this first stage, the card is launched as a “benefits embryo”, which may be extended via suggestions by the population.

According to Rui Moreira, there is only one obstacle to this card, and that is the association to the private sector. “We are linking the card to any commercial discounts. We do not do that. What we can do is to later associate the card to other public or foundational institutions in the city”, the Mayor clarified.

Membership benefits

Besides the possibility to buy tickets for half the price at TMP, and access to municipal pools with a 50% discount, the card Porto. also ensures free entry in all stations of the Museu da Cidade.

Moreover, the card grants a 50% discount in all the activities organised by the cultural services of the Municipality of Porto; a 10% to a 20% discount in all cultural products and publications by Porto City hall and also a free guided tour to the Town Hall (requires prior registration).

As regards mobility in the city, the card Porto. grants free travel in the Funicular railway of Guindais to all card holders and also a 50% discount in City Park Bicycle Park.

Another benefit regards priority access rights to ongoing activities in the city, as well as a 50% discount to enter the Water Pavilion. Although, in this first phase, the card use is “conditioned to the easing of the confinement measures”, highlighted the Vice-Mayor of Porto City Hall, Filipe Araújo.

Starting in June 2021, the card Porto. will also integrate the andante 13.18., but that will require the activation of the service in (soon to be available) or in-person at the Townsman Office. Besides the own website, the mobile app for the Porto. card is being developed.

SMS alerts

The Porto. card will automatically warn the user regarding useful information, for instance, traffic constraints.

“This service is free, target to those who expressly state that wish to adhere. This feature means that real time information is sent to each resident in accordance to its geographic area of residence”, explained Filipe Araújo, adding that this information can include weather forecasts, and information regarding actions by the Municipal Civil Protection.