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The Municipality of Porto has operations in place to strengthen response against the spread of Covid

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The Municipality of Porto prepared a set of responses, jointly with the Porto Civil Protection District Commission and the health authorities to fight against the so-called Covid-19 second wave. 

The Government has welcomed the Mayor of Porto's proposal to include Porto Youth Hostel in the district plan, as hospitals reiterated to the City Hall that there is no need to reactivate the Field Hospital. Also yesterday, on 26th October, during the executive Meeting, it was decided to make available the Elementary School António Aroso to the ARS Norte, for a period of six months, which may be extended if the epidemiological situation persists. The ACeS Porto Ocidental (Health Centres Cluster) has informed the Municipality of the lack of space to host patients with respiratory disorders.

Following the letter the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira sent to the president of the Civil Protection District Commission of Porto, Marco Martins, the responses are articulated between the Municipality, the Commission and the Northern Health Administration (ARS Norte).

Regarding the Field Hospital, which was set up for about one month, at Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota, between April and May, porto City Hall asked both hospital centres in the city (Santo António and São João) if there was the need to reactivate that structure; but both hospitals administrations were clear in reiterating that is no need to reactivate the Filed Hospital once again.

In addition, Rui Moreira state to the letter sent to the president of the District Civil Protection Commission that the Youth Hostel in Porto can serve as a back-up structure to host citizens that test negative for the new coronavirus, but have no suitable place to stay. This proposal was welcomed by the ministry of health and it ready to be operationalised. To keep this equipment running, the City Hall will provide a monthly Grant of 50 thousand euros. 

Furthermore, at district level, the Seminar of Bom Pastor is already running and hosts people who test positive for Covid-19, taking on the role of a field hospital. The space provides 50 beds in a first phase and it can scale up until 80 beds.