The electricity boxes on Rua das Flores are more colourful

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This results from the open call of the Programa de Arte Urbana launched by the municipal company Ágora for the annual intervention in equipment arranged along the street. Under the motto “500 anos da Rua das Flores”, 24 electricity distribution boxes greet the new year with new colours.

In 2021, 16 proposals were received from a total of 14 artists of five nationalities, all residing in national territory, for artistic interventions in 24 electricity distribution boxes. The jury selected the proposals of Guilherme Sommermeyer, Isa Silva, Isabella and Justin, Isadora Machado, Ricardo Ciriaco Almeida Macedo and Tiago de Carvalho.

The new images can already be appreciated along this historic street in the city centre.

Opened in 2014 on the initiative of Porto City Hall, the Programa de Arte Urbana do Porto aims to contribute to the dissemination and awareness of the creative production of urban art, encouraging its practice in an authorised institutional setting.

Every year, visual artists are invited to present proposals to make the city more colourful, with the inscription of their strokes, colours, and drawings all over Porto. Overall, more than 80 artistic interventions have already been carried out in the public space, both ephemeral and permanent projects, involving more than six dozen artists.