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Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota won "Best Social Intervention Impact" award

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The Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota won the most significant Urban Rehabilitation National Programme 2020 (PNRU), in the "Social Impact Category". The ward giving ceremony of the 8th edition was held at Porto City Hall Council Chambers, last Friday, on 18th September. 

Out of the eleven assigned awards in the framework of the National Urban Rehabilitation Prizes, four were attributed to the Invicta.

Porto was assigned the awards of Best Social Impact Intervention - Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota); Best Tourism Purposes - Hotel Tipografia do Conto (Ex-Aequo); Best Commercial and Services Intervention - Braamcamp 119; and Best Intervention of the City of Porto - (again) Hotel Tipografia do Conto.

Throughout its eight editions, between 2013 and 2020, the National Urban Rehabilitation Prize has received 516 candidate projects.

The award selection was up to an independent jury, of recognized professional, namely João Duque, economist, João Santa-Rita and João Carlos Santos, architects, and Manuel Reis Campos and Vasco Peixoto de Freitas, engineers.