STCP recommends passengers to travel only when absolutely necessary

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Miguel Nogueira

The Society of Collective Transports of Porto - STCP - recommends that passengers should only use this transport in case of absolute necessity. 

Passengers should act as public health agents and people must resort to bus travels only in situations of dire need.

The company's main concern s the safety of both workers and passengers, so there is a stressed recommendation in this regard, under the threat of Covid-19.

Following the decree of the National Emergency State, and with the activation of the Municipal Emergency Plan of Civil Protection, STCP requests that all passengers, and in line with the guidelines by the Northern Regional Administration - ARS-Norte, and the DGS - National Directorate of Health, whenever possible, passengers should make sure they distance one meter regarding other passengers, on bus shelters, queues must observe the security perimeter of one meter.

Also, because only rear door are to be used, passengers should allow other passengers to exit the bus before entering the bus; it is also crucial to respect the driver security area, as they remain in service to guarantee that transport necessities are met.

Recalling that "social distancing is mandatory", STCP recommends that travels are done only when strictly necessary.

To this moment, STCP has disinfected vehicles and facilities, tracked workers symptoms, passenger entrance is done using the rear doors, ticket validation is suspended, the tram has been suspended (lines 1, 18 e 22), because it was mainly used by tourists, bus line offer is reduced to 60% of its capacity, some lines have been enhanced, the bus is full whenever there is one third of passenger capacity, information dissemination inside buses, on bus stops, the Linha Azul (Blue Line), STCP website and social media.