STCP (BUS) resumes 100% service offer on weekends

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Miguel Nogueira

STCP bus fleet in Porto resumes 100% service offer on weekends, starting on 8 May, as well as the tram lines 1, 18 and 22, in the framework of the stage 4 of the easing of lockdown measures, issued by the Government.

The largest public transport operator in Porto Metropolitan Area adjusts service offer, as it had done on business days.

In a news release, the operator refers that “all preventive measures shall remain valid”, namely: 2/3 of total permitted capacity in each vehicle (the information is available in the entrance of each vehicle, as well as on the inside); mandatory use of face masks during the entire bus or tram trip; maintaining 1 metre distance on bus stops; hand sanitation before and after trips is advised.

Electronic payment is advised in trams. In addition, all bus vehicles are dully sanitised and disinfected prior to each trip, in order to reduce contamination hazards.

The Electric Tram Museum, located in the banks of the River Douro will open doors on weekend afternoons, starting tomorrow, 8 May, the day it celebrates its 29th anniversary. For each ticket purchased in trams on that day, the visit to the museum is free.

Bus timetable is available for consultation on the website or via