Set your sights on Espaço Mira and its newest display available online

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Campanhã is brimming with a new display! The gallery “Espaço Mira” focus on contemporary issues such as identity, gender, post-human, ecology, social and political activism. The display themed “O Mundo que nos Vê” features video art, performance, cinema and visual arts that will reinvigorate your weekend. Check them out online.

This initiative kicked off in the end of January, when the second lockdown was already in place. Expect a full programme, delivered by multidisciplinary performers, national and foreigner, namely André Feitosa, António Lago, Beatriz Page, Dori Nigro, Edicleison Freitas, João Sousa Cardoso, Joaku De Sotavento, Paulo Mendes, Paulo Emílio, Pedro Ruiz and Raúl Hidalgo are some of the featured artists.

This weekend the focal point will be the presentation by André Sousa (Video art) and João Sousa Cardoso (literature and performance), scheduled for 3 pm, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The programme extends till the last weekend o February, with the presentation by the Spanish artists Beatriz Page, Joaku De Sotavento and Raúl Hidalgo, who will approach issues related to digital art and the post-humanism.

All presentations will be archived in Espaço Mira and will be available for consultation.