Scientist of Porto University wins important international competition

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For the first time ever, a Portuguese scientist has won the 2018 Sackler Prize, worth 100 million dollars, given by the Tel Aviv University, from Israel, which awards, every two years, young researchers (aged up to 40), with major contributions in the fields of physics and chemistry.

Pedro Gil Vieira is a Physicist, former student and affiliate Professor of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, researcher of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, in Canada and the SAIFR International Centre for Theoretical Physics - South American Institute for Fundamental Research, in Brazil.

The Young Portuguese scientist has developed a pioneering work in the quantum field theory, which enabled the development of innovative theoretical tools, useful to help understand how quarks work.

The Sackler Prize award ceremony will take place on 13 march, in the Tel Aviv University. Besides Pedro Gil Veira, the physicist Zohar Komargodski, of the Weizmann Institute in Israel, and the Simons Centre for Geometry and Physics in the United States will also be honoured.