Schools are closed but family support is ensured

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Miguel Nogueira

Porto City Hall reactivated the programme to support to families amid the hardening of the pandemic crisis; as such, meal service is available in designated schools for the children that need it, as well as for children whose parents and tutors have to work as essential workers and do not have a household background to support them.

To face this exceptional situation, and following the government decree that suspended in-person classes and closed schools in the country, for a period of 15 days, the Municipality of Porto ensures meal service in 18 schools, at least until 5th February, where the following necessary services run: reception and food are provided to children whose parents or relatives have to ensure basic services and do not have any family structure to care for the children. These needs are signalled by the School Group, in accordance to what the Minister of Education has prescribed.

Those interested should contact directly the schools included in the list attached, and present their needs. This list of schools is dynamic and may be altered, as the pandemic situation evolves; these changes are performed by the DGEstE, in coordination with the School Groups and the Municipality.