Sandro Norton, Gary Burton and Pedro Abrunhosa in Coliseu Porto Wednesday

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Guitarist Sandro Norton performs at Coliseu Porto alongside Gary Burton, one of the most respected jazz musicians in the world scene, introducing the repertoire of Flying High? At the Heart of It, project which released the debut album of this musician from Porto.

Sandro Norton is the third guitarist to whom Gary Burton, six-time Grammy Award-winning and many other prestigious international awards, grants the privilege to sharing the stage with; the others being Pat Metheny and Ralph Towner. They will also be joined by other great musicians that accompany Sandro Norton such as Carlos Barreto, Mário Barreiros, Micaela Ferrão, André No and Luis Trigo. Pedro Abrunhosa is invited by Sandro Norton as well to join this group of virtuous musicians.

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