PortoCartoon 2021 promotes caricature party at S. Bento trainstation

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A Peste


This weekend, PortoCartoon takes the caricature to S. Bento trainstation, with the presence of several artists. The Exhibition with hundreds of drawings that integrates the 23rd edition of PortoCartoon opens Friday.

In an edition on the theme of Health, the 23rd PortoCartoon featured hundreds of drawings and awarded Cau Gomez, from Brazil, with the work “A Peste”. Now the pieces are congregated in an exhibition that opens on Friday, November 26th , at the Museu Nacional da Imprensa.

The event officially opens with the awards and trophies ceremony (designed by Siza Vieira) and the inauguration of the exhibition. The exhibition will be on show at the International Cartoon Gallery until the end of March 2022.

The celebration lasts over the weekend, with the Caricature party taking place on Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 November, at S. Bento trainstation, where several artists will be present. There will also be PortoCartoon streets (Fábrica and Cândido dos Reis), an initiative developed with the autarchy.

The 23rd Edition of PortoCartoon received more than 2700 works, of nearly 500 artists, from 64 different countries, from all continents.