Porto is the best destination to celebrate New Year's Eve Again

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Pedro Figueiredo

Porto is the destination of choice for the turn of the year, beating Lisbon and Paris. According to the study prepared by the hotel search platform, Porto is the most popular destination for Portuguese to ring in the New Year, followed by Lisbon and London, and then Paris and Funchal.

This is the third consecutive year that Porto took the top spot, and stands out as the result of the commitment of the Municipal Executive of Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, to turn Porto one of the best destinations to celebrate this time of year.

Porto is also the best choice for Italians, Spaniards, Brazilians, Germans and French who commemorate New Year's Eve in Portugal. Porto was classified as a UNESCO world heritage Site in 1996 for having preserved its 2,000-year-old historical and architectural heritage.

Where to go in Porto? Everywhere! Head to Porto and discover its famous monuments, stunning views on the City, the best cruises on the Douro, the best restaurants, the most traditional port cellars, the best museums but also the best walks and the best shopping centres and shopping streets in Porto.