Porto Municipal Theatre digital stage welcomes you

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Luísa Sequeira

This season, Porto Municipal Theatre also takes to the digital stages, and much so due to the lower seat availability as regards shows, amid the ongoing pandemic. The internet will be the perfect ally to follow and appreciate some of the shows by TMP.

Thus, some of the 2020/2021 season performances were filmed at Porto Municipal Theatre and enable at home audiences to "go to the theatre". This digital stage will be available for 24 hours (the Quintas de Leitura sessions will be streamed live).

This weekend, the performance by Gonçalo Amorim & Paulo Furtado/Teatro Experimental do Porto (TEP), ESTRO / WATTS - Poesia da idade do rock will be streamed online on 8th November, at 5pm.

In addition, there are a set of projects especially prepared for the digital screening, namely the PAR(S) - Performative Arts and Online Image - organised by five directors/video makers and five artists of several fields within the performing arts with the goal of creating original content for the digital context.

Digital tickets are available. See HERE for further information.