Porto green spaces are granted the Green Flag seal of quality, again

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Filipa Brito

The "Green Flag" award is granted, again, to three green spaces in Porto, by the NGO Keep Britain Tidy. The City Park, the Jardim do Passeio Alegre and the Porto Botanical Garden, under the tutelage of the Municipality of Porto, now bear, as in 2019, the international mark of quality. 

Portugal has joined the "Green Flag" scheme in 2019, a recognition of Porto's commitment to maintaining high quality green public spaces. All the sites are welcoming places with high standards of management, maintenance and ease of access, which make people feel that they are in a cared-for place.

The Green Flag Award highlights the dimension of the City Park, with circa 80 hectares: "It is considered the largest urban park in the country. The green areas extend through a panoramic outlook that stretches out to the sea shore, what makes it a unique space in the world".

In turn, the Jardim do Passeio Alegre is featured at the Green Flag Award website as patrimony that encompasses sculptures, built structures and natural life that "offer visitors one of the most enjoyable views of the city".

As regards the Jardim Botânico do Porto, under the responsibility of the University of Porto, the organization describes it as "a reference location in town", spotlighting the coexistence of landscape elements and floral bouquets that once inspired writers such as Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen or Ruben A.

The Green Flag Awards Scheme is run by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, under licence from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

There are currently a total of 2224 green spaces and gardens in 15 countries that have gained the "Green label scheme" excellence award, besides Portugal, namely Germany, Australia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Spain, USA, Finland, Holland, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, Sweden and Turkey.