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Porto does not pick up Covid-19 new cases for 10 consecutive days while it continues testing

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Miguel Nogueira

Daily reports by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), on the evolution of the COVID-19 in Portugal, inform that the city of Porto does not pick up new Covid-19 cases since 5th June and that the Municipality of Porto is now fifth in the number of total reported cases of the new coronavirus in the country. 

Since 6th June, and according to the DGS information, the city of Porto maintains the same 1414 cases, less than half of the 2.880 cases reported in Lisbon, mostly picked up this past month.

Also, the municipalities of Sintra, Vila Nova de Gaia and Loures report the highest number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

And it is worth enhancing that testing and screening are being carried out in the Municipality of Porto as before; both public central hospitals in the city - São João and Santo António - and the drive-thru testing centre set up in the Queimódromo, and several private labs continue carrying out testing to Covid-29 in the city of Porto.

Porto was the first city in the country to report a Covid-19 case, but it was also the first city to take action to contain the new coronavirus. It was the first city to perform full testing to senior citizens and care workers in all nursing homes in the city, as well.