Porto City Hall ensures 115 thousand school meals during the summer vacation

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Filipa Brito

Throughout the school summer break, Municipality of Porto once again ensures meal services to kindergarten children and primary and secondary education students in public schools, allowing all students up to the 12th grade to access lunch daily.

Throughout the months of June, July, and August, and up until the start of the new school year, a meal service is ensured for all children and students who want to benefit from it, regardless of being enrolled in summer activities or benefiting, or not, from a level of financial assistance from the Ação Social Escolar. The lunch meals are free for students in the A rank, and the students with B and C ranks pay 0,73 euros and 1,46 euros, respectively.

The Municipality of Porto will also distribute school snacks to kindergarten and primary school children, free of any cost for the parents or guardians, during summer break.

To meet the needs and interests of the education community, the Municipality provides nutritionally balanced meals to children who need such a service, which can also apply to their siblings if they are between 3 and 10 years old, even if they don’t attend a school of the public education network of Porto.

During the summer break, around 115 thousand meals will be ensured, including 57 thousand lunches and 58 thousand snacks for the municipality's children.

This meal service takes place between 11:45am and 1:30pm, and they are available for consumption at the school or for takeaway (with the possibility to bring meals home).

For students who are not enrolled in the Animation and Family Support Activities, parents and guardians will have to notify their school in advance of their interest in enjoying the service. This will serve as a prevention measure against food waste.

The Escola Solidária also ensures these services during Easter and Christmas break.