Photo exhibition in Porto subway stations honours health workers of Hospital S. João

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“110 retratos de uma Luta” or “110 portraits of a fight” is the telling title of the photo exhibit by photographer Marcus Garcia, on display at Porto subway stations, to honour the frontline health workers at Hospital S. João who are fighting the pandemic.

Thus, Bolhão, Faria Guimarães, Aliados, Marquês and Combatentes are the five metro stations in Porto where one can see eye to eye the people that are facing up to the struggle: doctors, nurses, and support staff, all of them representing a larger team.

The exhibition, which is on show until the end of May, is the result of “the determination to make people aware of the effort by the collaborators of the University Hospital Centre of São João (CHUSJ) and the entire National Health Service in the fight against the pandemic”, explained Marcus Garcia.

When this idea was presented to the Hospital de São João, it readily accepted the challenge “to honour the effort and dedication of the health professionals”, affirmed Fernando Araújo, president of the Board of administration of the CHUSJ.

The purpose now is to “perpetuate this feat, making it last in the memory of the Portuguese, by organising travelling exhibitions and publishing a book”, photographer Marcus Garcia explains.

It should be highlighted that this is not the first tribute to the health professionals at the Hospital de S. João. In June last year, Vhils, artistic alias for Alexandre Farto, sculpted the faces of ten collaborators of that health unit in Porto in a wall of the city.