NOS Primavera Sound is back in June 2022: looking forward with optimism

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Miguel Nogueira

The festival’s organisations announced today that NOS Primavera Sound 9th edition will be postponed, as it was in 2020, owing to the pandemic and to the resulting unpredictable times we live now, regarding the hosting of large events. The new date is set: June 2022.

Looking forward with optimism is the way to go, as we set our minds for the time when we will have the chance to connect face-to face and enjoy one of the most quintessential festivals ever: NOS Primavera Sound.

“This was a painful decision, owing to the uncertainties regarding hosting large events – the festival was scheduled for 10th, 11th and 12th June – and the current restrictions make it impossible to normally prepare the festival; we have no certainties either regarding its celebration. Although painful, we are aware this is the right decision, especially to all who have to plan their trips in advance”, the organisation stated in a press release.

The organisation also explained that it was in permanent contact with the local authorities and with the DGS, in order to come up with possible solutions, but the current restrictions, also the ones at world level prevent the normal process of preparation of this festival during this summer. “We will be in your debt as regards the best NOS Primavera Sound ever”, pledged the organisation.

The organization also indicated that ticket holders for NOS Primavera Sound 2021 will be admitted to the 2022 edition. Those who are not able to attend NOS Primavera Sound 2022 can, in turn, ask for ticket refund starting 1st January 2022, in accordance with law 10-I/2020. The festival line-up will be announced till the 5th June.

And remember, the full swing and the up vibe you were expecting to feel at the City Park in Porto this year will be waiting for everyone in 2022! See you there!