Municipal Assembly approves vote of condolences for the victims of Covid-19 in videoconference session

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The Municipal Assembly unanimously approved, this afternoon, a vote of condolences for the victims of Covid-19. The same session, a vote of honour was given to those facing the pandemic and the National Health Service (SNS), both presented by the president of the Municipal Assembly, Miguel Pereira Leite.

The 46 municipal parliamentarians are today gathered, for the first time ever, via videoconference. 

The Municipal Council decided to express "deep sorrow for the victims of this pandemic in the world, in the country and in the city of Porto, expressing condolences to the families".

Subscribed by all the political forces, this vote enhances that more than numbers, they represent loved ones who perished from this disease plunged entire families and friends into mourning".

The second vote is to honour and appreciate the work by all those who have ensured the essential and necessary services in the city of Porto, "especially all the professionals and health institutions in the front line of this pandemic and the way they are embracing the challenge".

Miguel Pereira Leite also praises "the commitment by the law enforcement security forces, civil protection, firefighters, caretakers, public transport workers, cleaning and hygiene services and all anonymous citizens that take on essential tasks to help the society, from meal to mail distribution".

Also worthy highlighting are the institucional initiatives by civil society and the businesses that have extended their support to the most vulnerable, and the measures taken by and at the Municipality of Porto.

The teams of Porto City Hall have tested the videoconference system in advance, and made sure all the requirements were in place; the Municipal Assembly meeting gathers 46 members, each one from their homes participating in the meeting, as is Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira.