Gaming industry Doing Business meetings promoted by the ScaleUp Porto initiative

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ScaleUp Porto promotes another edition of the Doing Business, in partnership with Indie X, the major event of the Indie videogames in Portugal. The goal is to promote businesses in this growing industry. 

This event, organised under the Indie X, features the best work carried out in Portugal and it is held, for the first time, in a digital format.

This Doing Business edition promotes meetings among 21 game producers, both of the region and international, and prospective customers, partners and investors that join in a decentralised manner, from several countries.

The Indie X kicks off at 10m, on 10th November, and participants will have access to two training Masterclasses delivered by Gwen Foster, an experienced plyer in the business development field and Rami Ismail, one of the most acknowledged game producers in Europe. These sessions are free to all those who are curious about the Indie X and the gaming sector.

The Municipality of Porto thus supports a high growth potential industry under the ScaleUp Port strategy.

Since 2016, the Doing Business initiative promoted over 577 business meetings among 90 new technological based companies and 53 established organisations.

Videogames represent a growing industry, estimated at over 140.000 million euros. Europe alone represented 21.600 million euros in revenue in 2019, and itis foreseeable that these numbers will grow annually at 9.7%.

This is still a developing sector in Portugal, but in the Porto enveloping region there is an anchor-company, the Fabamaq with over 170 collaborators and whose main activity is to develop games for casinos. In 2019, Bigmoon Entertainment, which developed the Dakar 18, was purchased by the American Saber Interactive, and now it operates as Saber Interactive Porto.

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