February is the right month to plant carrots and tomatoes

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Leave no opportunity behind to engage with nature and become your own gardener. One of lockdown’s upside is that this is the perfect time to, while at home, plant your own carrots and tomatoes. The City Hall Environment Team is more than happy to provide useful tips, step by step guiding you to planting vegetable gardens either in an apartment or in a detached house.

The Biodiversity programme series provides useful insight to keep minds healthier while tendering to gardens, during confinement. February is the perfect month to grow tomatoes and carrots, as they behave quite similarly in the soil, enjoying nice sun exposure and well drained soils. And the best thing is that they can be planted in your yard, garden or even in a vase.

Bear in mind, though, that tomatoes are germinated plants that can be moved to other locations, but carrots like to remain where they were planted. Then, apply soil that is rich in a nourishing mixture and uniformly spread the seeds covering them with a fine layer of that soil compost, covering all the seeds.

Regarding tomatoes, yoghurt cups are great recipients to grow the seeds. When they are about 15 cm high, it’s time to move them to the soil or to a larger vase.

Finally, just water them regularly for about three months’ time, so that by summertime you can have a taste of your home-grown plants and vegetables.

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