Fairs and markets receive new urban furniture by Porto City Hall

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Sellers at the Antiques and Junk Fair are now more comfortable at the Praça do Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, aka Praça Velásquez, as they were gifted new urban furniture that will make their businesses literally easier, come hell or high water.

Porto City Hall is undertaking changes regarding all urban furniture of the fairs and markets that are under municipal management and on 15 May, councillor for Economy, Tourism and Trade of Porto City Hall, Ricardo Valente, officially delivered the new tents to the traders on site.

The Antiques and Junk Fair take place on the third Saturday of each month at the Praça do Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro (aka Praça Velásquez), between 8 am and 6 pm.

This is a premium spot for antiques and fashionable junk aficionados, as there are plenty of second-hand goods and vintage items, designer objects such as books, ceramic products, furniture, coins, jewellery, tapestry and paintings.