Electric charging stations can be set up after draw and should be operational this October

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Miguel Nogueira

The operators for the ten electric charging stations for automobiles are in place, following the draw held among the candidates. 

Permits will be dispensed, alongside the respective public space license. Electric charging stations may start operating as of now, with the estimates pointing that by October all equipment is installed.

EDP Comercial, Horizondistance, Kilometer Low Cost and Mobiletric are the operators in charge of managing the ten car Electric charging stations, distributed throughout the city. The places established by the Municipality of Porto are as follow: Praça de Francisco Sá Carneiro; Rua de Nove de Julho; Rua de Leonardo Coimbra; Avenida do Conselho da Europa; Avenida do Parque; Rua do Dr. José António Marques; Rua de Henrique de Medina; Rua do Jornal de Notícias; Rua de Nove de Abril; and Rua de José Gomes Ferreira.

It is worth enhancing that the tender was launched in the end of 2019 and that the application deadline was held throughout the first two months of the year.

The setting up of electric charging stations in municipal space was decided by Porto City Hall taking into account the principle of sustainability and also assuming that in the next years there will be an increase in the number of electric cars running in the city, as a result of the incentive for co2 emission-reduction policies by the Municipality of Porto, which wants to reach carbonic neutrality by 2050.

The Municipality of Porto has been pioneering electric mobility both by purchasing an entire municipal fleet of electric vehicles and promoting policies of positive discrimination and educational guidance in municipal parking, for example.