E-commerce professionals debate luxury, food-tech and the future of business in Ukraine

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Filipa Brito

“Grow e-commerce business in a post-pandemic market” is the theme that guides the debate on the third edition of “Tudo sobre eCommerce” (All about eCommerce), which brings together hundreds of experts, industry and marketing professionals. The conference takes place on May 26 at the Portuguese Chartered Accountants Association.

One of the guests this year is the marketing and e-commerce director of Comfy, Ukraine's fifth largest online store. Currently a refugee in a European country, Maria Nazarenko comes to Porto to explain how a leading company in the retail of household appliances and electronics continues to operate in the context of an invasion of a country that, in 2021, was in the 65th position of the world online market, with a global revenue of US $1 billion.

Also confirmed in “Tudo sobre eCommerce” is the presence of Marc Weindinger. The founder of Schema M, the German social media advertising agency, which invests more than 100 million in advertisements, was a pioneer in the professionalization of user-generated communication content.

This year's edition of the conference on e-commerce also features the author of the book “Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Growth: 7 Unexpected KPIs to Scale an E-commerce Shop to £10 Million Plus”. Founder of British SmARTebusiness, Ian Hammersley exchanges reflections on the elements that all high-growth e-commerce companies have in common and the essential knowledge needed to generate revenue.

From Brazil comes the example of Camilo Coutinho, founder of the video intelligence company Double Play. Chosen in 2016 by YouPix as one of the 30 most influential people in the digital world, it is part of the group of 130 professionals who integrate YouTube Global Contributions - the multinational's official program that helps companies and creators develop video skills.

“Tudo sobre eCommerce” also reaches David Tomás, recognized as the first business “Director for Happiness” in Spain. The co-founding company, Cyberclick, was considered for two consecutive years as the best Spanish Small and Medium Enterprise to work for, according to the Great Place to Work index. A professor of digital marketing and strategy, David Tomás was considered one of the entrepreneurs with less than 40 years of greatest influence in Spain.

Another speaker present in Porto will be Judit Takács Miranda, coordinator of the digital marketing department at El Corte Inglés. Specialist in International Marketing, manages one of the largest digital marketing budgets in Portugal.

The national examples of good practices in e-commerce will be led by Cláudia Santos, who leads the Product Management of Farfetch Platform Solutions, responsible for the latest commercial solutions for luxury brands and global retailers, and Gonçalo Guerreiro, from Kencko, a food-tech brand (technology allied to the food sector), which explains how the brand that sends more than 1.5 million smoothies per month to customers in the United States and Europe managed to grow 173% in 2021, have more than 360 thousand users and is now valued at 13.5 million dollars.

Tickets for the “Tudo sobre eCommerce” conference can be purchased online.