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Definitely, the Garden of Marquês is a new must-visit garden in Porto

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The environment is greener than ever at the Garden of Marquês, as recent improvements to that plot enhanced plant and bush covering, as well as herbal species. 

The Garden of Marquês is greener and now has camellia's flowerbeds. The plot has been expanded, following the plantation of those iconic flowers, making this a new must-visit garden at the Invicta.

The Jardim da Praça do Marquês de Pombal, formerly known as "Largo da Aguardente" [something like "Spirit Square"], already had a similar layout in the mid of the nineteenth century. It was designed for recreational and conservation purposes, namely the enjoyment of the urban ecosystem.

Also, this gardened square is furbished with an iron band square and a sycamore promenade, under the design by landscape gardener Jerónimo Monteiro da Costa, in 1898.

In 2006, due to the works by Metro do Porto, the garden was renovated so as to accommodate access to the underground metro station and to set the Metro's ventilation system.

Currently, the rehabilitation works include the improvement of the garden's "green carpet", the bush coverings and the colouring of the plot, by planting camellias and seasonal flowers in Metro accesses.