Decarbonisation is a highlighted topic in the 2021 Sustainable Development Report

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During Monday’s public meeting, the Municipal Executive got to know the 2021 Sustainable Development Report, which highlights the subject of “Climate change, energy efficiency and decarbonisation”.

The document’s presentation to the councillors was overseen by the Director of the Municipal Department of Economics, Rui Monteiro, who emphasised the fact that this is the fifth consecutive report presented by Porto City Hall. A sign of “transparency and rigour”, he underlined.

“The key additions in this report are a greater involvement of internal stakeholders; to emphasise the theme of decarbonisation in Porto; to present a major detail concerning the performance of the United Nations’ SDGs; and present a bigger volume of quantitative information”, noted Rui Monteiro, praising the extensive participation of the Municipal services in the creation of the document: “We had the collaboration of 42 pivots and 31 managers, representing 32 entities (24 organic business units and eight municipal companies).”

Keeping the motto, “Cuidar do Porto. Cuidar do Mundo”, the Sustainable Development Report outlines a perspective on the main activities developed by the Municipality during 2021.

“The year of 2021 is marked as the second year in a pandemic state, showing clear signs of resilience and recovery, given the impacts of the changes that it caused in the economy, in the sphere of social life and in the levels of inclusion in urban life. Nonetheless, Porto has demonstrated its character as a resilient city, revealing that it does not let itself be shaken. Having experienced in recent years a unique moment of growth, prosperity, and dynamism, it has shown its ability to face the challenging context of 2021, ensuring the cultural life and maintaining a level of financial sustainability that does not jeopardise the future”, as can be read at the opening of the report.

Following a consultation process, the material topics to be prioritised in the Sustainable Development Report were chosen: the theme “Climate change, energy efficiency and decarbonisation” is highlighted, followed by “Responsible management and economic and financial development”, in close relationship with the Economic Development Strategy of Porto “Pulsar”. Finally, “Social Cohesion” and “Community Involvement” were reinforced in the presented content.

“Our work does not end here. We are permanently challenging ourselves to achieve established goals. In that sense, the Municipality aligns its development strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the United Nations’ Agenda for 2030”, said Rui Monteiro highlighting the “exemplary role and leadership of Porto City Hall. The Porto Climate Pact is an excellent example.”

The Sustainable Development Report is divided in four big chapters revealing the way in which the Municipality is running the city’s ecosystem: “Our Municipality”, “Our City”, “Our Community” and “Our Environment”. The full article can be found here.