Cultura em Expansão launches website and free online programming

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“Uma Coisa Longínqua” by Teatro de Ferro, “Princesa Bruxa” by Ricardo Alves and Mariana Amorim, “Cortes do Porto” by Rui Catalão, “And so...? The end!” by Mariana Tengner de Barros and “Memoratório... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia” by the Confederação and Tânia Dinis are the shows on display at the new Cultura em Expansão website.

Starting today, 7th April, the municipal programme Cultura em Expansão takes to the virtual platform and continues its mission to take culture to all audiences in Porto. This new website not only brings information on previous editions and builds the project’s historical archive, but also disseminates the online programming, namely shows and other content.

Cultura em Expansão will provide different performances for different audiences, kick starting with three shows that had been scheduled for presentation in 2020, but had to be postponed owing to the pandemic, as well as the comeback of the performance “Cortes do Porto”, presented at Passos Manuel last December, and the premiere of “Memoratório... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia”, which has been adapted to take to the virtual stage.

The new programming starts with “Uma Coisa Longínqua”, by Teatro de Ferro, and the children’s theatre “Princesa Bruxa”, written and staged by Ricardo Alves and choreographed by Mariana Amorim. Both are available as of today and until 20th and 21st April, respectively.

Starting on 13th April, the following performances are available online: “Cortes do Porto”, a residency by stage director Rui Catalão and residents of the parish of Campanhã, and “And so...? The end!”, a contemporary dance-solo by the choreographer, dancer and performer Mariana Tengner de Barros, which will be available until 20th April.

“Memoratório... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia”, is a historic record on the nearly one hundred years old Grupo Musical de Miragaia, developed by the Confederação – collective for theatre research, in partnership with Tânia Dinis. This performance is presented on three occasions: on 21st and 28th April and on 5th May.

Established in 2014 by Porto City Hall, the Cultura em Expansão is an annual programme whose main goal is to promote the city at cultural and artistic level, with the presentation of several free activities in the field of music, theatre cinema, dance and performance.

The 2021 programming was organised in partnership with the partners entities Visões Úteis, Confederação, Teatro do Frio and Sonoscopia, for Campanhã, Miragaia, Pasteleira and Bouça, respectively. It will be presented in the middle of May, should the health measures issued by DGS allow it. The date will be announced soon.

The Cultura em Expansão2021 edition is held under the patronage of the Mota-Engil SGPS, the Fundação Manuel António da Mota and Mota Gestão and Participações, SGPS, SA.

All information on this project can be found in the new website, as well as on Facebook and on Instagram.