Casa Guerra Junqueiro inaugurates exhibition by Jorge Feijão on 30th October

The exhibition "Cadernos A & B: Prelúdio e Fuga", by artist Jorge Feijão, opens at the Gabinete de Desenho of Casa Guerra Junqueiro. The event is entrance free, upon space occupancy under the preventive Covid-19 measures and in strict compliance with the health measures in place issued by the health authorities. The display can be visited until 24 January 2021. 

This is a rare opportunity to discover a series of drawings, between scratches and concluded drawings, and somehow be able to unveil what type of darkness and light or even thinking guided the draughtsman's hand, ?tel quel' a palimpsest of layered images and sketches that resemble an imagery atlas.

The palimpsest was a type of parchment or papyrus greatly used in the Middle Ages, which was regularly scraped or washed off so that the page could be reused for another document or to write another text.

For more information on schedules and visits, send an email to infomuseudacidade@cm-porto.pt.


Museu da Cidade/ City Musuem

Casa Guerra Junqueiro - Gabinete do Desenho

Rua de Dom Hugo, 32

4050-305 Porto