Blue Flag Programme is back to the beaches in Porto to raise awareness regarding biodiversity preservation

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The Programme ‘Bandeira Azul 2021’ (Blue Flag 20-21) is back to the beaches in Porto, to raise children ‘awareness on the importance of “Recovering the Biodiversity”, by adopting environmentally safe and responsible behaviours. The sessions are targeted at children aged between 6 and 10 years old. The number of participant is limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

The activities are developed by the Municipal Civil Protection, in partnership with the municipal company Águas e Energia do Porto, as well as the Water Pavilion, “raising awareness on the urgent need to preserve ecosystems and prevent harm, such as forests fires and pollution. The focus is always on the preventive measures, so that there is a safety mindset in the city”.

These actions have taken place in the beaches of Molhe, of the Pastoras and the Castelo do Queijo and will now head to the Praia do Homem do Leme, on 22 July.

The initiative will be delivered within a pedagogical and entertaining atmosphere, where children are invited to learn about serious issues in a playful way, even much so because “a safety mindset is built on a daily basis”, enhances the Civil Protection.

It should be noted that owing to the ongoing pandemic there are safety measures in place, such as the number of attendees, compliance with sanitation guidelines and the use of face masks.